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Integrative Multidimensional Healing Arti-vist


Attend the Warriors Of Light Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica
9-14 March 2023


Author\ Yogini\ Multidimensional Healing Arti-vist

Intuitive Massage combination of Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai techniques...Reiki - Quantum Touch 
☆ Identify & release tension from the body. 
☆ Create space & bring the energetic & physical bodies deeper into alignment. 
☆ Clear stagnant energy & blocked emotions. 
☆ Support digestive issues, working with the meridians. 
☆ Release trauma stored in the fascia. 
☆ Holistic, deep healing & relaxing experience.

☆ Integral Sound Healing (Crystal bowls/ drums/ Chimes/ tuning forks)

☆ Integrated Creative Yoga Flow Instruction

 Licensed MA 98796